1. The Life of the Party: If you’ve never been to a live N.E.R.D show – you’re cheating yourself. I’ve been to four to date, and I can certainly attest to the fact that Pharrell knows how to put on a show! The energy is always through the roof, and you can tell that he gives it his all. You literally feel like you’re at the best house party of the summer (aside from the mosh pit, which usually wouldn’t go over so well with neighbors). From being a full-time rockstar performing at shows to kick flip’n on his skateboard, Pharrell just seems like a lot of fun!

2. The Voice: Not only is Pharrell an accomplished producer and rapper, but he also has a pretty good singing voice! Seriously – who doesn’t want a man that can serenade you when all is said and done? Sure, he’s no John Legend or Robin Thicke, but Mr. Williams can sing N.E.R.D’s “Love Bomb” to me any day.

3. The Tats: Something about a man with dope ink is intriguing. Tats are mysterious, sexy, and pretty much bad ass! When they are done right – placed properly and designed creatively with meaningful significance – tattoos say a lot of great things about a person. They’re usually fun, artistic, bold, not afraid of a lil pain here and there, and overall have a strong voice and something they want to say… permanently. Even a couple years ago when Pharrell began the process of removing his sleeves of arm tattoos, much was to be said. He acknowledged that he’d outgrown some of the older ink , and that it had less meaning for him. So, he erased them to start over. See – maturity! *giggles*

4. The Style: Few male entertainers today are known as much as Mr. Williams for their daring and unique sense of style. Even when considered next to names like Kanye and Andre 3000, Pharrell certainly holds his own in the fashion department. Who else could make a simple hoody and pair of worn-in Vans look so damn good?! Granted, the shoes were probably a custom design, and the hoody was once a $70k Hermes crocodile piece, straight out of the showroom, but still. And please believe he cleans up nicely, too. Have you seen that man in a tux? Hel-lo.

5. The Clothing Line(s): It’s a given that Pharrell can dress himself. But he’s also made a multi-million dollar living off of dressing everyone else, too! His clothing line Billionaire Boys Club has done exceptionally well over the years, as did his Ice Cream sneakers line. The next fashion venture will be a full extension of the clothing brand especially for women; Pharrell says that we can anticipate the launch of Billionaire Girls Club in the spring of 2013. Sure, that’s a little ways out, and if it is a direct reflection of the men’s brand, the sporty streetwear look may not appeal to a more mature female audience. But, for a gal like me who fully appreciates the occasional t-shirt, jeans, and sneaker day, there should be some very promising, high-quality staples.

6. The Passport: It’s no secret that Pharrell has had his fair share of travel all over the globe! Between touring, vacations, and owning property overseas, he’s had to have graced every continent at least once by now. Gotta love a man who’s well-traveled and cultured. When all else fails and he gets tired of the New York, VA, or Miami pads – he can always hop on the first thing smoking to the condo in Tokyo! “Konnichiwa”, suckas.

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