In Jay-Z’s latest attempt to “sell water to a well,” the rapper plans to sell “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts through his Rocawear brand as a show of support for Occupy Wall Street. Only problem? Occupy Wall Street is a movement against capitalism, making Jay-Z’s plan to create t-shirts and pocket the money against everything the movement represents.

Nonetheless, the company has released a statement saying the shirt is their way of ‘supporting the movement’ and “‘Occupy All Streets’ is our way of reminding people that there is change to be made everywhere, not just on Wall Street.” Confused, yet?

In addition to the fact that the t-shirt capitalizes off a movement against greedy capitalist practices, many find Jay-Z’s support of Occupy Wall Street hypocritical given his involvement with the Brooklyn Nets as the government has allegedly pushed residents out of surrounding neighborhoods to prepare for the new stadium. He isn’t the first celebrity to embrace Occupy Wall Street: Russell Simmons is organizing a rap protest and Kanye West lent his support by appearing at the protest.

What do you think? Is Jay-Z’s way of showing support problematic? Should he make a more tangible contribution to the movement? What do you think of the t-shirt? Can wealthy celebrities effectively support a movement against capitalism?


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  • regina

    Celebrities have a place in the movement by spreading awareness. They have the power to reach the masses unlike the regular Joe. They can also donate if that’s where their heart is. At the end of the day, he will never know how it feels to lose a job and healthcare benefits, have his home foreclosed on, see his credit score plunge and debt build up or the frustration in applying for gov’t assistance. It’s people out here killing themselves because wall street has robbed them of the livelihood. It’s nothing I take lightly and I don’t give a rat’s ass about these shirts. He’s definitely capitalizing and not to forget, apart of the Haves and not the Have-nots.

    • david

      nope u right but he did. came from nothing. remember that cuz he does. and your right he should donate. but get the facts right

    • Jess from Miami

      Jay Z grew up in a single parent house hold in Marci projects. He was broke, but he made a way for himself. He is not part of the “haves” just because he was born into money. He worked hard at his craft and was smart enough to capitalize on it.

  • Well he’s part of the 1% now so of course he’s not going to donate…

  • Business as usual.
    What does he plan on doing with the profits?

  • Jess from Miami

    How do you think Jay Z became part of the top 1%??? By realizing opportunites to make money, and having the balls to follow through with his dreams.
    Everything in this world costs money, that will never change. We cannot be mad at every millionare just because we are self proclaimed “have nots.”
    The real issues that we need to focus on are the unfair practices that we are forced to accept because of monopolies like the banking industry, the healthcare industry, etc. Nobody is forcing you to buy a shirt from Jay Z, but if you get sick you ARE forced to pay crazy high insurance premiums that may not even cover your hospital bill. That is why I support the occupy wall street movement, not because I hate capitalism.