We usually don’t cover rumors around these parts, but this one was too juicy (and funny!) to pass up.

Word on the street is that actress Lisa Raye McCoy has been dating prominent LA pastor, Bishop Noel Jones for some time now and the two are getting serious. According to the blogs (hey…I already know), they have been spending some quality time and LisaRaye’s been seen in Jones’ church, City of Refuge.

Now, Hollywood stars have made their way to some of the city’s mega-churches for a while now, so spotting Lisa Raye in the pews is nothing to write home about. But the two are reportedly dating and could be headed down the asile very soon (should we make it rain…for Jesus?).

Both Jones and McCoy have been married before. Back in 2006 Lisa Raye wed Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick, and Bishop Jones–who is Grace Jones’ brother–is a divorced father of three.

Could dating Bishop Jones be it for Lisa Raye?

What will the other church women think of Lisa Raye’s career? Can you imagine the amount of SHADE being thrown at the couple? Whew Lawd!


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