On Halloween, Ludacris hit the town with his girlfriend Eudoxie at Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas. Ludacris dressed up as a zookeeper while Eudoxie dressed up as a cheetah with Luda carrying her by the leash.

When it comes to Halloween, costumes vacillate between unique, scandalous and downright outrageous so the shock factor is nothing new. However, as soon as photos from this ghoul extravaganza hit the net, people started questioning whether or not the leash was demeaning.

I know it may have just been all fun and games but he looks just a tad too excited to be escorting her around by the leash, so I’m giving this a major side-eye.

What do you think? Are people overreacting or was the costume hardly offensive?

-Kamille Cooper


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  • Cali

    Well hell -if it WASN’T Halloween I’d think it was tragic, but they obviously both agreed to this costume scenario. She’s the wild animal, he’s the tamer – it makes sense. Yes it’s kind of demeaning, but she’s smiling & happy to be there so who cares. People have done worse on Halloween w/ all kinds of T&A hanging out, its not a big deal