I’m not sure how it began or why we continue it, but maintaining a bare bikini line drives me insane. I’ll never forget the day I asked my mother if it was okay to shave my lady parts. She chuckled and replied yes, but told me to take caution. And so I began the tedious process of shaving once a week, which then turned into two or three times a week as I got older. But now, I’m tired, living a beach life, and trying to find a solution to keeping my bikini line, legs, lower abdomen, and armpits bald.

Of course, living in Brazil, it’s only natural that I’d consider waxing as a maintenance alternative. But frankly, I’m scared and had a horrible experience the first and last time I got my pubes ripped out. I was living in Spain, preparing for a trip to the Greek Islands, and decided that I would indulge in a bikini and pits wax before leaving. Admittedly, I was terrified, but wouldn’t allow myself to be scared of something that I had never experienced. So I went to the spa, which came highly recommended by a good friend, waited for thirty minutes, and finally, the receptionist called my number.

I got up confident, walked to my designated room, disrobed, and prepared for what my friend called a “little” pain. I convinced myself that I could endure anything for 15 minutes, and worst-case scenario, I could just tell the woman to stop. I laid back on the chair, she applied the wax to the left side of my bikini line, put down the strip, and what followed would create a vivid memory of my first waxing experience. I bled. Not just from the first rip, but also from some of the others that followed. I automatically panicked and asked the woman in Spanish if this was normal. She assured me that some people bleed their first time. But I had never heard such stories.

In the end, she applied aloe to my bikini line and armpits. I walked out of the salon waddling like a pregnant woman, uncomfortable and upset that I even put myself through such an ordeal before vacation. Yet, I must admit, the hair didn’t grow back for almost a month. And for that, I was thankful, but reluctant to do it again.

Two years later, I’m seriously contemplating going under the wax again to preserve some of my sanity living in a warm climate and so close to the beach. I wish I didn’t care about having hair on my legs, peeking outside of my bikini, trailing down from my navel, or under my arms. But I do care. I feel untidy when it’s there, and I want it gone without the constant task of shaving.

Are you a die-heart believer in waxing? Do you prefer to stay hairless through shaving? Are you an avid consumer of chemical hair removal products? Or do you simply let it grow and leave it be? Drop your thoughts (and any advice)!

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