Bangs come in a variety of cuts, lengths, and textures. Where they hit on your forehead, the thickness and/or bluntness, and whether they’re parted to the side or cut straight across—all these choices can balance out your proportions. Finding what works for you is as simple as determining what your face shape is.

If your face shape is . . .

Round—You have a round face shape if your face is as wide as it is long. Try angled, side-swept bangs to soften your wider cheek area. Adding some angles will reduce the roundness of your face and create an elongating effect.

Celeb with your face shape: Gabrielle Union

Heart—Your face is heart-shaped if you have a narrow jaw with wide cheekbones and forehead. Your go-to bangs are a classic, blunt cut. A blunt bang will conceal your wide forehead and balance out a sharp, pointy chin.

Celeb with your face shape: Kerry Washington

Square—You have a squared face if your forehead, cheeks and chin are all about the same width. Layered, side-swept bangs will add some softness. By allowing the majority of your face to be seen, you’ll create the illusion of a longer face.

Celeb with your face shape: Janet Jackson

Oval—Your face is oval if the length is equal to one and a half times width. Lucky for you, because nearly every haircut (including bangs) compliment your face shape! So, choose anything from thick bangs cut straight across to wispy,

Celeb with your face shape: Beyoncé

Long—You have an oblong face shape if your face is more than one and a half times longer than it is wide. Opt for brow skimming bangs to give the impression of a more oval-shaped face.  Avoid side-swept bangs, which create a much longer appearance.

Celeb with your face shape: Kelly Rowland


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