After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 many American-born Muslims experienced stinging personal attacks. Until that day, many were able to integrate seamlessly into their communities and enhance the fabric of American life. But after 9/11, all that changed.

From the fervor over the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ to the sanctioned racial profiling of people who “look Arab,” it’s clear that our nation has a long way to go before it can live up to its ‘melting pot’ philosophy.

A new reality show from TLC aims to allow the rest of country into some of the lives of our Muslim-American neighbors to show that we are more similar that some may think.

In All-American Muslim, the show follows five families as they plan a wedding, gear up for the birth of a baby, and show that–despite what some may think–they are as American as everyone else.

But will it help?

By seeing images of American-born Muslims on TV, will America become more tolerant?  What do you think? Will you be watching?

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  • Destinee

    Can’t wait! People are really ignorant when it comes to Islam. I’m Christian but my roommates and best-friends since high school are Muslim and we go to a private baptist university… Yes that one. Although people are very tolerant they have this weird image of what Islam is. When the troops captured Osama one girl asked me if my roommates were upset… I was like no especially since he’s been bombing and terrorizing their country for decades now. People don’t understand that terrorist are terroizing their own people as well and no Muslim (not counting extremist) approves of that. Extremist aren’t representing Islam the two are not the same.