Testing 1 – 2 … 1 – 2 … style check, style check. Pardon me, just doing our routine style check for the month. People rock their fashion in their own individual way. Let’s see! Are you a generic fashionista or have you truly established your own genuine individual look? Time for a style check!

Copy or Cop Out

Do you try trends because you like them, or do you use them as an inspiration board to create your own individual style? Yes! Having the fashion world dictate what’s hot and what’s not makes it easier for us to make executive style decisions in our lives. But when labels become just a habit to prove a point, and do not showcase what you truly like, you have to ask yourself — who am I fooling? That’s when you begin to get lost in the crowd of fashion followers.

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  • A Real Stylista

    You could have managed to pick stylish women for the images to reinforce the piece. The first one is standing there in a rumpled dress that she looks like she SLEPT in. The second looks like any 17-year old who went to H&M on a sale.

    • Charli

      Maybe these women are the ones with generic style…

  • Charli

    I don’t like to stray too far from the norm, to be honest. I think I have nice style, though. I buy what I think looks good, regardless of what is ‘in’ at the moment. My wardrobe is a mix of trendy and unique, and I think that is a good thing.

  • DEE

    This article was on point, I see a lot of ppl who look the same which is Generic to me. I have more of a Genuine style I think…I have trendy pcs but I mix and match up with my classic stuff. Every few years I find ways to re-invent my style.

  • fuchsia

    I usually follow the trends and almost always fall in love with a specific piece either browsing the thrift store, online or on a shopping trip with my girlfriends. One thing I found that is the key to my fashion happiness is something small in my favorite color. Whether it’s my unmentionables or an accessory I found that I connect my feelings of joy to my favorite color. I found that in doing this fashion has presented itself as a gift that brightens my day everyday.

  • Lo

    My style is VERY classic, but with a twist. I love pearls, ballet flats, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, etc. I shop everywear from Goodwill to Neiman Marcus and I consider it such a compliment when some sees an item and says, “that looks just like you”.