This is an age old question for many couples…should they or shouldn’t they shed their private residences and shack up together.

While many people have varying opinions on living together, a new survey by, the most popular opinion-based survey site on the web, found that over 70% of its 838 respondents think that living together before tying the knot is a good idea.

Proponents of moving in together cut across every age group, relationship status, and genders.

Despite a New York Times article that found that couples who live together before marriage are six percent more likely to get divorced, many couples think that cohabiting is a necessary step in figuring out if their relationship can stand the test of time (and household chores!).

According to the SodaHead survey, the overwhelming majority of couples who lived together either broke up before they jumped the broom or ended up getting married, crediting their living experience as a major factor in their marriage’s success.

Despite a growing trend in couples cohabiting, a PEW research study found that couples who live together make up just seven percent of coupled individuals.

So…is shacking up a good idea? Have you lived with a lover? What happened? 

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  • overseashoneybee

    No ma’am. I say this mainly out of religious reasons but also because I’ll be doggone if a negro put a million “miles” on me trying to “test drive” our relationship and then refuse to put a ring on it. I’ll spare any reference to the “why buy the cow …” analogy but at the end of the day I’m #marriagefirst. There’s no guarantee every union will last but the odds tend to be better when a covenant is put in place and “options” are limited.

  • Jen

    I am living with my bf now and it has been very taxing and at the same time, very rewarding. The experience has, ironically, killed my idealism of marriage to the extent that I’m not sure I even want it anymore. I mean, who wants to commit to picking up a man’s laundry off the floor for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?!?!?!

  • LemonNLime

    NEVER! I value my personal space WAY to much to have some dude I’m not married to all up in my apartment. Honestly, that is one reason why I would have a hard time being married, I LOVE living alone and having someone else around all the time would annoy me and be a burden.

  • Honey

    I personally thinks that the best option is he has his place I have mine if it works well we get married and move in together. I’m kind of old fashion but this is personal opinion.

  • Heather

    First of all let me state that each couple and each individual is different. Moving in together prior to getting engaged or married may work for some, where it may not for others. If you chose to move in together beforehand you MUST sit down and have a heart to heart on all the important topics first. Make sure that you are moving in together for the right reasons not just to save money and because you spend all your time together. That is a recipe for disaster. First of all I believe that you should be dating long enough to have gone through the “honeymoon” phase; give yourself at least a year to get a chance to know eachother better and to see if you can last that long. Second, discuss whether or not you plan to get married down the road, is moving in together the right step and the next step in your relationship. Third, discuss your views on marriage, money, kids, etc. Discuss how you are going to handle your finances and even if the relationship is to come to an end, how you are going to divide your assests. Do you agree on whether or not you want children and how many. Also do you agree on how you would raise your kids. What happended if you were to get pregnant before marriage and where to go from there. As long as you have really put thought into this subject and discussed openly and honestly and still decide it is a good idea than by all means go for it. I admit that yes moving in together is a test for the relationship and honestly a good one. When you are dating but living apart no matter how many sleepovers you have, you don’t really get to see the whole picture. This way you see if you can handle being with eachother day in and day out. When you get into arguements, can you be adult about them and talk them out or do you still play the childish game of storming out and waiting to see who calls whom first. It really lets you get to know one another. I moved in with my boyfriend after a year and we stayed together for 6 years, but as much as we loved eachother we came to realize that our relationship turned into more of an adoring friendship and we decided to part ways as friends. If I had decided to get married first like we discussed we probably would have gone through an expensive divorce in the end. So, bottom line to each their own. you have to crawl before you can walk, do not jump into cohabitating blindly otherwise you will end up another silly statistic. So, good luck and hopefully, you make the right decision whatever it may be.