We live in a world filled with technology built to keep up with our fast paced lives. We’ve gone from writing letters to emailing and from going to visit friends to simply turning on our Skype or FaceTime. But when it comes to matters of the heart it’s always best to take things back to basics. Sending a text message to your honey may be the way of the times, but engaging in a little telephone love can really get the home fires burning, and here are a few reasons why.

Teenage Love Affair
When it comes to relationships no feeling is better than the ones felt in the very beginning. You know, the feelings that make you want to hear their voice all the time. The feelings that take you back to the days when you were a giggly high school girl finally getting a chance to speak to her crush. Sure text messaging is convenient, but there’s nothing like lying in bed all night on the phone laughing, making plans and getting to know each other until the sun comes up.

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