British actress Thandie Newton went off about the lack of Black women featured on the cover of Vogue magazine in her latest interview with Pride magazine, according to Huffingtonpost Black Voices. Newton expressed her overwhelming disdain for the lack of diversity that has graced the covers of Vogue. She seems to be even more upset about never being asked to be on one.

“Don’t get me started on black people being on the cover of big magazines. It’s so preposterous. I mean, I’ve been on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar four times; I’ve been on the cover of InStyle four times, but Vogue, not once.”

“And people say to me, I mean literally, people have said to me, ‘What have you got against Vogue that you don’t want to be on their cover?’ And I just laugh.”

She says all this despite the fact that First Lade Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Rihanna have graced the covers of Vogue.

“They [Vogue] don’t feel the need to represent because it doesn’t make any sense to them. It’s just baffling to me, but as usual America will dictate the ways things go and a magazine like Vogue will just follow America,” she said. “But it’s like, don’t you want to trail blaze?”

Do you think her anger is merited or is she just salty about never being asked to be on a Vogue cover?

– Risa Dixon

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  • She is probably talking about UK Vogue, who rarely have non white women on the cover ( Rihanna this month is the first i’ve seen) following US Vogue’s league.

    If i were Thandie i probably would be salty too. She’s one of the most successful UK actresses around and her career has been over 2 decades long so i”m surprised she’s only just getting the Olay and Luis Vuitton jobs.

  • trina

    I feel like she’s only “black” when it’s convenient for her. That’s the only reason she’s making a big fuss about it. Girl bye smh.

  • fuchsia

    American Vogue only stepped up with the few African-American covers after they were put on blast by Vogue Italia during the time of the all black issue. I believe if it wasn’t for that Vogue never would have made an effort to add more color or highlight women of color in their pages. They are doing better but I agree with Thandie, and I doubt they will be asking her anytime soon. It seems like they go for POP if they want color.