In a city that never sleeps, millions of people walk aimlessly in search of the elusive enigma called love. Some find it and live the fairytale, some are broken by it, never to seek it again.

Others play Russian roulette, loving many, gambling with fate, then in an instant, losing it all for a taste of temporary lust. These people are cursed to walk the city searching, not for love, but for love lost. Love they didn’t realize they had until….

Brrrrrrring. Brrrrrring.

Brooklyn. 11:42pm.


“Hey punk what’s up?”

“Oh hey. How are you? Long time no hear from.”

“Yea I know, but I ain’t forget about you though.”


“So what’s up?”

“Nothing much. Chilling with the homies about to get lit up.”

She giggles and shakes her head.

“As usual. How’s the new job?”

Work is cool. How’s work with you?”

“It’s good no complaints. How’s your daughter?”

“Driving me crazy and broke. You know kids cost alot of money.”

“I bet they do.”


“I miss you punk. Don’t get all mushy though.”

“Yea ok. It’s been years, I think I’ll be ok. Where’s the girlfriend?”

“Oh my shorty? She’s around. She’s around too much. She’s real clingy you know.”

“Uh oh. That’s no good.”

“Yea. She’s not like you. She doesn’t do the things you do, you know?”

Awkward Pause.

“So what are you doing this weekend?”

“Not much, probably hanging out with my guy. Maybe dinner or something, nothing fancy.”


Very Awkward Pause.

“Tell that n**ga he better be good to you before I send the goons to rough him up”

“Don’t worry, he is”

Very, Very Awkward Pause.

“Okay well get your butt to bed, you have work in the morning.”

She laughs, “So do you!”

“Yea I know, I know.”

“Well, good night.”


Regretful Pause


….it was too late. 

Have you ever had an ex flame pop up and try to comeback into your life?  How do you deal with the awkwardness?

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