The holiday season is always a FAB time to go all out when it comes to accentuating the positive and stepping outside the safety zone.

You can keep your outfits simple and classic but your best to getting noticed and keeping that attention all night is to keep the focus on your eyes.

Here are some goodies that are sure to add some sparkle to the holiday season.

Glitter Eyeliner from the Sephora Collection ($12): This has to be a staple for the parties ahead. The glitter detail gives that extra-defined glow that is guaranteed to last the whole night. It comes in a variety of hues depending on your mood, you can be seductive and choose silver or gold. For a more light-hearted tempo, you can select teal, blue or purple. So many choices and so little time!

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Beethoven- Kat Von D ($34): Kat Von D knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight thanks to her short-lived relationship with Sandra Bullock’s ex Jesse James. But you don’t have to be a home-wrecker to bat your eyelashes in order to snag the guy of your dreams. The LA based tattoo artist has an impeccable collection of eye shadows in all the shades that matter and they are as sleek as they are glam. And the names of each item heighten the dramatic factor; Lucifer, Sinner, Rad Purple, and Razor will turn any good girl to the dark side. Be the seductress and play up those lashes!

Eyelicity Glitter Eyeliner – Tarina Taratino ($16): If you can’t afford diamonds, don’t fret, you can still light up the night with jewelry designer and makeup artist Tarina Taratino’s shimmery confection. Not only are the three-featured colors smudge-proof but they also provide long lasting coverage.

Overshadow -The Balm ($15): Going from a day to night look takes precision and skill, but when armed with this luxe overshadow, you wont have any challenges getting that perfect look for the perfect setting. The fun part is that it’s also versatile, so if your cheeks and shoulders need attention feel free to dabble at will.

So with these options to ponder, choose the winners, and shimmer your way to a glittery holiday season.

– Ezinne Ukoha

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