This hasn’t been a good week for GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. Although he leads in Republican polls, his campaign was rocked by sexual harassment allegations from the 1990s when he was president of the National Restaurant Association.

Politico broke the story this week of two women who accused Cain of harassment and received settlements. Before going public, the political news site reportedly gave Cain’s campaign nearly two weeks to respond to the story, but they failed to do so.

Initially, Cain claimed he had no clue about the harassment allegations or a settlement, but later admitted he had heard of a settlement. Now, a third woman has come forward (under the condition of anonymity) to say she was also harassed by Cain.

Accord to the Associated Press, the third woman claims “Cain was aggressive and inappropriate with her, even extending a private invitation to his corporate apartment when she worked with him at the National Restaurant Association. The woman said Cain’s behavior occurred at the same time two co-workers had settled separate harassment complaints against him while he was leading the association.”

When the story of Cain’s past sexual harassment woes was first revealed many Republican operatives blamed liberals, who as some even suggested, wanted to discredit a Black conservative. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter went on tirades calling the sexual harassment claims “a high tech lynching,” and accused Democrats of trying to bring down a Black man. However, Cain’s campaign now believes his Republican rivals, Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, might have tipped reporters to the story.

This week Cain’s campaign has continued to bungle the response to the harassment claims. When the story first broke, Cain claimed to have no clue about the ordeal, but later changed his story. Now, one of the women who settled with the National Restaurant Association reportedly wants to come forward and tell her side of the story and is in negotiations with the Association to see if they will allow her to break the confidentially agreement.

Although it is unclear what exactly went on, one thing is certain: Herman Cain’s campaign is in serious trouble and his shot at the White House depends greatly on how he handles this crisis.

What do you think? Will these allegations bring down Herman Cain’s campaign? 

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