We Love: Bearded & Black – So there are some days when I need a little pick me up and a break from the stress of deadlines, my to-do list, and everything else I feel like I’m always behind on. Whenever that happens, I take a little time to revel in the beauty of the brothas on the Bearded & Black tumblr. (Continue Reading…)

Amber Rose: ‘I Forgive Kanye For Being An Asshole’ – Yesterday, we told you about Kanye West’s ‘apology’ to ex-girlfriend Amber Rose during his recent Watch the Throne tour stop. During the show, Yeezy took a moment to ‘thank’ Philly for making ‘the incredible’ Rose. Well, predictably, Rose–who’ll be hosting BET’s ‘Master of the Mix’–was bombarded with questions about her ex. As she’s always done, Rose took the high road, saying: “Kanye called me an incredible person, and I take that as an apology. And if it was an apology, I forgive him for being an asshole. I don’t hate him.” (Continue Reading…)

Cuffing Season: 4 Rules To Help You Get Ready – That special time of year is finally here. No I’m not talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas, the time I’m talking about ladies and gents is cuffing season. The time of year where the air gets crisp and our beds get cold so we (well some of us) go on the hunt in hopes of finding someone to cuff to our beds to keep us warm during the winter months. Cuffing season can be a many splendid thing, but if you don’t play your cards right it can turn into the nightmare that never ends. Before you lock down your cuff buddy take a look at these four simple rules that will help make your cuffing season pleasant and ensure a clean break come spring. (Continue Reading…)

Scared of Bikini Waxes – I’m not sure how it began or why we continue it, but maintaining a bare bikini line drives me insane. I’ll never forget the day I asked my mother if it was okay to shave my lady parts. She chuckled and replied yes, but told me to take caution. And so I began the tedious process of shaving once a week, which then turned into two or three times a week as I got older. But now, I’m tired, living a beach life, and trying to find a solution to keeping my bikini line, legs, lower abdomen, and armpits bald. (Continue Reading…)

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