Has Fashion Become Too Exclusive? — Last week, Project Runway Season 9 chose Trinidadian designer Anya Ayoung Chee as the winner of the popular design competition on Lifetime. Anya wowed judges by creating chic island pieces with only four months of sewing experience. While Anya’s collection was definitely worthy of the number one spot, one thing that stood out was the fact that the collection was only made to accommodate women who wear sizes 0-4 and had plunging necklines that would really only work for women who have breasts no larger than an A to small C cup. What about all the other sizes? What about all the women with busty curves? (Continue Reading…)

Hair Sheens: Yay or Nay? — Every one of us can raise our hands if asked whether or not we have had the “sheen” experience. That magical formula in a can, that promises to keep our tresses fresh and shiny as long as we are faithful to the regimen. Even after weeks of neglect we still believe that our hair will look as good as new as long as it’s showered with the “sheen” of our choice. Over the years these specific products have earned a negative reputation, due to the fact that they tend to encourage the accumulation of dirt, some of them leave you with traces of residue, and the buildup inevitably causes itchiness and breakage. (Continue Reading…)

5 Reasons We’re Loving Tracee Ellis Ross’ Style on Reed Between The Lines — When Girlfriends was taken off the off the air, I was distraught. In part because there were no longer any of shows reflecting that women of color could most certainly get along without all the neck-rolling, baby mama drama and petty fights that are now so prevalent when we’re on the small screen. But mostly, because we wouldn’t be able to see Joan’s, I mean, Tracee Ellis Ross’ commanding style. Though she has held us over with her fab red carpet appearances and outings, fans of her style can now get their weekly fashion fix on her new show Reed Between The Lines which airs Tuesdays at 10PM on BET. (Continue Reading…)

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