5 Men Whose Gender-Bending Style We Love: Women dressing as men isn’t a new phenomenon, we’ve been borrowing from the boys since, well, forever. But the boys haven’t been sitting idly by either. Way before Kanye decided to put on a women’s blouse, there were men who had gender-blending sense of style, if you will. Let’s take a moment to appreciate them, shall we? Here are our top five. (Continue Reading…)

Spotlight: Helen Jennings of ARISE Magazine: Helen Jennings, editor of ARISE Magazine which is fast becoming the bible for African fashion, culture and entertainment, just recently spoke with CNN’s Inside Africa series to detail her love for the fashion industry and her excitement about the ALL THINGS AFRICA epidemic that is currently sweeping across the globe. (Continue Reading…)

Define Your Pretty : Rock What Works: Your iPad, Blackberry case, computer wallpaper, T-shirts, jewelry are all items you can customize so why not do it with your beauty? With 29 million companies and products fighting for your attention trying to demand what’s hot and what’s not, do you ever just sit back and ask yourself what do I really like? Do I feel comfy in it? Or even does it work for me? Instead of getting buried under every beauty ad or trend, breakdown how you can define your own beauty and rock what you like in life. (Continue Reading…)

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