6a00e553538eb98833010536b869f8970b-320wiLike most people who travel I love to take pictures of my journey….lots of them. I can take no less than 500 pictures a trip and love to look at them over and over again, but oddly enough pictures aren’t my favorite travel mementos. When most people travel they collect little souvenirs along the way. From shot glasses and t-shirts, to bottles of dirt from historic locations, everyone brings something back to remind them of the good times they had.

Now I’m about to make a confession here so don’t judge me, but when it comes to souvenirs I have no use for shot glasses and “Viva Las Vegas” t-shirts. My souvenir of choice? Any and all things sex related. I love visiting red light districts and sex shops in the various foreign countries I travel to and picking up books, toys, postcards, anything that will remind me of the sex scene in that country. I’ve got a hidden chest full of things I’ve picked up during my travels, gadgets with two heads, pictures with prostitutes, porn, key chains, limited edition books, you name it. In a few months I will hopefully be traveling to Thailand and even though adult shops are illegal there, the red light district is infamous for their Ping Pong shows and I am dying with excitement to go see one, and maybe even drag a few friends along. Something about how sex is depicted in other countries just fascinates me, what can I say. *Kanye shrug*

I realize that my souvenir obsession is a bit off the beaten path (okay a lot off the path), but outside of pictures freaky goodies are the only other thing that captures my attention. I know someone else out there has an unusual souvenir habit, so….

What souvenirs do you collect? What’s your most unusual memento?

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