A few weeks ago, we told you about Kimmy K’s role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film, The Marriage Counselor. Apparently, Perry tapped Kardashian to play Ava, co-worker to Judith (Jurnee Smolett), a marriage counselor who is bored by her relationship with her husband and decides to cheat.

Well, in light of the drama surrounding Kim’s marriage, some of Perry’s fans (or foes masquerading as fans?) are not too keen on casting Kardashian in the film. Perry’s website has been bombarded by a slew of angry comments about Kim’s role in the film, and many fans are threatening a boycott.

Peep some of the comments:

–I think a great majority of your fans including myself are not only upset but very hurt that you have decided to cast Kim Kardashian in your next movie. The main reason Tyler is that she is a very bad role model for society especially the younger generation. Not just because of her role in the sex industry but her permiscuity and now someone that doesn’t honor the commitment of marriage but pretty much took it as a joke. There have been nothing but great people in all of your movies why do this now. I think it would be sad to lose your fans because of this. I want your movies to continue being made for many more years and losing your fans would mean eventually all your hard work will disappear. Don’t make this mistake. Listen to your fans I know you believe and are thankful for all the support we have given you through all your years of work.

–Mr Perry, Although I’ve supported you and your movies since the first Madea I just e-mailed Lionsgate to let them know I’ll no longer see any of theirs or your movies. It was a well thought and sad decision but one I had to make based on you giving Kim Kardashian a role in the “Marriage Counselor”. With so many actors giving blood, sweat and tears to hone their craft your decision to give the role to this person who’s only claim to fame is a p**** tape and fake b*** is truly appalling. Of course I wish you well in life as you had been an inspiration to me for many years, but I’ve accepted that you’ve been drinking the “Hollywood Koolaid” and are now “DRUNK”.

–to whom this may concern, I watch every movie and play you have ever made. I being the average viewer that pays to go see your movies. The reason I do so is the mear fact that you cast only the best in talent. So I hear your casting Kim in your next movie, I find that really hard to believe and I feel very played you read all these statements on why not to cast her. In what way is she asset to your movie? Is it a pretty face or a nice body? Because that is all she is, if so isn’t there so many actresses that you can cast. I really looked up to you and actually have read much about you but after this news and then you have the nearve to come out and say I will still cast Kim basictly saying f*** my fans opinion. Wake up people don’t go see his s*** anymore make hollywood remember that we (fans) are the ones that put them on the map and will surely erase them.

As Tambay of Shadow & Act pointed out, because Perry panders to a Christian base, many of his fans just aren’t comfortable with Kardashian (and her questionable rise to fame) staring in Perry’s “wholesome” film.

But are they serious about a boycott? I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Filming on The Marriage Counselor staring Jurnee Smolett and Lance Gross started last week and the film is scheduled to be released sometime next year.

Do you agree with Tyler Perry’s fans or should they just get over it? 

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  • Candy1

    This isn’t the first time Tyler Perry has casted a non-black woman in a movie. Remember Sofia Vergara (or however you spell he name), the lady that is on Modern Family? Nobody said anything then. But I don’t want to see Kim in ANY movie, not ever.

  • anonymousone

    How retarded. We dont know what the personal lives are like of all the cast members that have been in Tyler Perry movies. They could be way worse than Kim in their own ways. If she was hired as an actress in this role like anyone else would be, her real life has nothing whatsoever to do with this role. It doesnt matter either that she isnt a real actress considering all the bad acting in most of his movies. People need to get lives. Seriously who cares and why would anyone be “hurt” he casted her? LMAO.

  • Noname

    Actually Perry and Lions Gate do need our approval as to who they cast. You see our approval comes in the form of money and without it neither Perry or Lions Gate can afford as much to make future movies. They should both learn from the K family iffendunf it’s fans who already did not buy K clothing from Sears therefore it’s all on sale for dirt cheap cuz we didn’t want it, to the waning viewers of K shows, to letters to cancel K Shows to E channel, to not buying products from E show advertisers, to lower sales of magezines if K Klan members on front, to Hollywood and Las Vegas bars and restaurants reporting they do not want K family members as patrons because real, distinguished stars then do not frequent their establishments. Our reduced money and reduced attention to K family members has already negatively impacted them and those that associate with K family by hiring them. Perry is great but he has exhibited very poor judgement by continuing to let Kim K in his movie. He will make money but less than if he had taken a smart business move and replaced Kim K. He let emotion rule over good business sense. And if Kum K appears at his movie premier and on tour, Perry and Lions Gate will loose even more potential viewer and ticket buyers he would have otherwise profitted more from. To increase profits in Hollywood and NY keep away from Kardashains.they will only hurt the profit margin more than help it. Just look at dear Sears.