After having one of the best years ever with the success of his album, Raymond v Raymond, and his protégée, Justin’s Beiber’s meteoric rise, Usher has a lot to be thankful for. But new drama on the home front is threatening to put a damper on the singer’s holiday season.

According to TMZ, Tameka Raymond, Usher’s ex-wife, has petitioned a Georgia court to strip the singer of joint physical custody of the couple’s sons, four-year old Usher Raymond the V and three-year-old Naviyd.

The former Mrs. Raymond accused Usher of violating several of their previous agreements, including failing to:

  • Pay her $5000 a month to hire her own nanny (she claims he’s owes $34,00 in back nanny payments)
  • Get her permission to travel with the children
  • Get her approval before hiring nannies
  • Give her first shot to watch the kids when he’s away for more than 8 hours
  • Allow her to take the kids for 2-weeks in the summer of 2011
  • Let her have custody of the kids during Christmas break 2010

Tameka also told the court that Usher closed her Saks 5th Avenue account, which he promised not to do.

This isn’t the first time the two clashed over the children. Back in 2009, Usher accused his then soon-to-be-ex-wife of keying his car after a heated exchange regarding the kids. Apparently, Usher filed a report, but police couldn’t prove Tameka damaged his car so it was dropped.

This latest beef is sure to hit the singer in the heart, as he has spoken at length about his children.

Earlier this year, Usher told Essence.com that being a father was his biggest accomplishment.

“Being a father means everything in life as an African-American man because there is a great sense of departure specifically for us”, he told Essence. “We truly are nomads in America, brought in on slave ships to this country and a lot of the things that took place helped to tear down the Black man [so he would] not really understand or take ownership of being a father and the stronghold in the Black family.”

I hope these two can work out their differences for the sake of their sons. They certainly don’t need to see a real life contentious Raymond vs. Raymond play out before their little eyes.

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