When it comes to fashion Vogue Magazine is undeniably the holy bible, with millions of women across the globe turning to the magazine everyday for guidance on how to live their fashion lives. That’s why when all 17 Vogue Magazine editors from across the globe, including the queen herself Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, converged on Japan this week for Tokyo’ Fashion’s Night Out, they took advantage of the rare meeting and captured the moment on film.

With visionary and founder of Fashion’s Night Out Anna Wintour seated prominently in the center of her global fashion universe, the divas put their friendly, competitive rivalry aside and turned on the smiles for what could possibly be a truly amazing, once in a lifetime photo opportunity. From left to right in no particular order of fabness:

Yolanda Sacristan, Spain; Kirstie Clements Australia; Anaita Adajania – India; Christiane Arp, Germany; Angelica Cheung, China; Franca Sozzani, Italy; Mitsuko Watanabe – Japan; Anna Wintour, America; Emmanuelle Alt – France; Alexandra Shulman – Britain; Victoria Davydova, Russia; Anna Harvey, representing Brazil and Greece; Seda Domanic – Turkey; Myung Hee Lee – Korea; Rosalie Huang -Taiwan; Eva Hughes, Mexico and Latin America; and Paula Mateus – Portugal.

– Danielle Pointdujour

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  • Vogue has an editor for every continent…except Africa????? Surprise surprise why I’m not a subscriber or a fan.

    • Trish

      Vogue has writers and editors who are black. ie: Andre Leon Talley + more. They also feature black fashion designers like Tracy Reese in their magazines and on their site… so to be “surprised or mad” just because they don’t have a magazine from Africa? Oh.

      It’s not that serious.

  • Val

    As a Black woman I should be interested in this because?

    And I agree with you, Iris_Eben; not having any Vogues on the African continent speaks volumes.

    • Mia

      Why must EVERYTHING be so serious to you people!? “As A Black woman I should be interested because?” Really?? Why can’t you just be interested as a lover of fashion? Something Vogue magazine plays a huge part in. Why must every single thing be broken down into a black or white issue? People of all races and backgrounds love fashion.

    • Trish

      Your absolutely right. It makes no sense. Fashion is fashion – but people like to turn things into a color issue. Vogue does play a huge part of fashion but people always like to point a finger when they should get their panties out of a bunch and get a grip.

  • @Trish I am clearly aware that Vogue has featured an employs black people, however it is disappointing that Africa doesn’t have it’s own branch. By the way there are publications that feature zero black people nor that have blacks as a target demographic that I am a fan of.

    However in this instance it just seems odd that a such a prominent fashion magazine that prides itself on showing fashion from around the world doesn’t see having African Vogue as a worthy investment when the continent is full of African designers and population rivals that of other areas they choose to cover.

    @Mia You’re right everything doesn’t have to be a color issue. However in this case I applied it because it genuinely a reason why I am not a fan of Vogue amongst many other reasons. Even Andre Talley himself as spoken out about the inclusion of blacks/Africans as a problem.