Last month, we brought you the first episode of the much-anticipated web series, Milk + Honey. Produced by Idris Elba in conjunction with the production company Brown Paper Dolls, Milk + Honey is the story of four women in Los Angeles who are working hard toward their dreams.

In an industry that hasn’t carved out too many positive spaces for Black women, the women behind Milk + Honey have decided to create their own.

Watch Milk + Honey episode 2 and catch up on the first episode here.


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  • sweetpisces

    it’s so short though

  • Ambre

    To thumbs down. Sorry. Its funny how… With all of the money and time and star power put into this production, it still isn’t good. Story is most of what makes a series worth tuning in again.

    Camera lenses and boom mics is cool but who really care if the writing and story is cliche? Seem enough already.

    Not for me at all.