So there are some days when I need a little pick me up and a break from the stress of deadlines, my to-do list, and everything else I feel like I’m always behind on. Whenever that happens, I take a little time to revel in the beauty of the brothas on the Bearded & Black tumblr.

As the name suggests, Bearded & Black is a site dedicated to beautiful, bearded black men. And, if you’re like me and love “manly” men with facial hair, one click on the site’s archives will send tumbling through a vortex of fine men, wondering–where THESE brothas at? (no, really…where?)

Last night was no different. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me flood my timeline with pictures of absolutely stunning Black men with various personal styles and from various parts of the globe. Many of the sisters on my timeline thanked me for sharing, so I thought I’d also share with you, Clutchettes.

So…here are some of my favorite brothas from the Bearded & Black tumblr. And if any of you knows any of these men, please, refer them to my email for–umm–interviews.

Let the church say, ‘Amen!’ (via heckyeahsexyblackmen)

Dark and absolutely lovely. (via jadorism)

Help a sista out and give this many my math. (via bearded & black)

This brotha, right HERE? (via bearded & black)

Good God, yes! (via bearded & black)

If you enjoyed this afternoon’s eye candy, check out these other tumblrs: Jadorism, Heck Yea Sexy Black Men, F*ck Yeah Black Men, and of course, Bearded & Black.


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  • Nestafan2

    @ JC, so which statistical should we believe: the data you found ot the data that says nearly 50% of black women are single? I’m just saying the data seems contradictory.

    • JC

      That’s not a contradiction, you just assumed that there were an equal number of black men and women. For example, if there are 100 black women and 50 black men. 100% of all black men could marry black women but 50% of black women would still be single.

      Also, remember that there are more white women than white men. So we should not pick on black women. This is a national phenomenon, the media just loves to pick on black people. Remember Katrina, black and white people were doing the same thing. But black people were the only ones called looters.

  • jcan

    Jess, Im curious, Have you maarried or date white men?