Its always fun to experiment with different looks and have fun with the one accessory we have that provides enough versatility to keep us inspired for a lifetime. But it’s never fun when we take advantage of the options we have and turn what should be a temporary stylish phase into a permanent nightmare.

We see time and time again how celebs struggle with the aftermath of their disastrous hairstyles, from Naomi Campbell who appears to be a certified weave addict, to Serena Williams and most recently Moesha alum Countess Vaughn who detailed her predicament on TVOne’s Life After, by demonstrating the damaging effects lace fronts can have on your scalp due to the glue that’s used to apply them.

Wearing weaves or wigs doesn’t have to be a punishment or a venture that provides a level of risk. There has to be a limit and a skill to it. It’s imperative to find a stylist who is not only knowledgeable but also genuine. Someone who can tell based on the condition of your tresses which protective style best suits your needs. Some of the techniques involved during implementation can be tricky and doing it yourself is not advisable neither is sacrificing a skilled stylist for a cheaper one.

Even donning an inaccurately sized wig can provide major discomfort in the form of headaches and suffocating pores due to oil and dirt accumulation caused by sweat.

But the biggest mistake that a lot of women make is not taking much needed breaks from all the pulling tugging. This ultimately results in major hair loss and irreversible conditions like alopecia. It also wrecks havoc on the hairline.

Loving your hair is a state of mind and when you care enough about something, you do everything possible to protect it. The madness starts when you care more about the hair you are buying, which in turn causes you to neglect the hair that actually belongs to you.

When will we finally stop being slaves to the WEAVE movement and claim our independence by adapting a more balanced hair regimen?

– Ezinne Ukoha

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  • I gave up the weave look back in the 90’s when it almost took all of my hair out. After that I was done. I get interlocks here and there and I am happy with that.

  • Asea

    Have faith! It’s coming. Women are going natural like every 2.3 seconds!! It’s awesome. I don’t knock those who wear weaves. I used to LOVE them. I 100% agree – when you neglect your own hair and are too embarassed by it’s appearance to rock it, you have a major problem that needs to be addressed.

    And we have beautiful hair!!! All we’ve measured our hair’s beauty by is the .5 inch of new growth we’d see grow in between perms. After 4 years being natural I see my hair in a whole new bright, glowing, luminous light lol. We have to face our fears, ignore negativity from peers, WOMAN UP, and at least try natural. If you hate it, go back, but at least SEE, TOUCH, and LEARN your hair for once in your lifetime!!

  • I took a year break from weaves and wigs it has been so liberating and the freedom of being able to touch your own scalp is amazing. Of course, I tried to back to wigs recengtly as the cold weather has set in but, I don’t think I can do it. It’s back to my RAW diva for me !

  • Weaves/wigs are the new creamy crack. Sticky crack maybe?
    Women should just be comfortable with what they have and drop the crutch. A change of style is one thing, but seriously too many addicts are in denial under the guise of “I just like to change it up.” Child please, change it up by wearing your own hair.

  • dee

    i wore a weave recently for two days. the weaved in hair burned and irritated my scalp so bad that I stayed up until 2am with my mom clipping out the expensive sold in mess. i am all for self-expression in every way please just be careful with it and wear weaves and wigs for fun or fashion, but not to conform.