Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and for many, it’s a time to reflect on how blessed we are. Although we should never wait for one particular day each year to give thanks, this time of year serves as reminder to be grateful for all that we are blessed with.

Although some of us might not have the job or the life that we want just yet, it’s good to remember what we do have: Health, the love of our friends and family, and the opportunity to create the life that we want.

This year has been sort of a whirlwind for me. I turned another year older, and after talking about it for what seemed like forever, I finally took the leap of faith and began really pursing my dreams. Not only have I become my own boss, I’ve also reached a few goals along the way: A new passport and a ticket for my first trip abroad.

Even though I’m not where I’d like to be just yet, I’m truly blessed and amazed at what a little faith, hard work, and chutzpa can do.

But how about you? What are you thankful for? 

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  • ChezCerise

    Thankful for my first niece that was born this morning. So thankful that she is healthy. And I’m very thankful that she just missed out on being a Scorpio.

    • jamesfrmphilly

      “thankful that she just missed out on being a Scorpio”

      say wha…..!?

  • Bridget

    I am so thankful to God that I finally have a job! But I am also grateful for the things that we take for granted, too, like being able to see,walk and do things for myself. I’m also thankful that I still have my most of my family-esp. my mom and daughter and that my daughter is now happily married. The list goes on but these things top my list. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!