Growing up the only time I received a spanking was when I said something fresh or did something that my parents had forbid me to. Now, as an adult I understand that those lashings were for my own good. They simply taught me right from wrong. Today, spanking a child is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

I cannot pinpoint when the transition took place but it seems that children can get away with anything these days without being properly reprimanded. I’m all for teaching a lesson physically within reason but when a spanking becomes deadly, it sheds new light on the subject.

Recently the New York Times reported on a book entitled “To Train Up a Child” written by a Tennessee preacher named Michael Pearl and his wife Debi. The book provides instructions on the proper way to use a switch for the arms, legs or back. They encourage physical disciplining from as early as six months with tools like a plumbing line. Um yeah… a plumbing line on a six month old is a bit extreme. With over 670,000 copies sold, the book has allegedly influenced some parents to take spanking to the extreme.

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz adopted Lydia Schatz at age 4 from Liberia. When she was 7, they whipped her for hours while pausing to pray. Lydia died from severe tissue damage. A similar incident occurred with Lynn Paddock, who had six adopted children whom she claims was emotionally unstable. After Lynn finding the Pearls’ website, it wasn’t long before her son Sean Paddock suffocated after being wrapped in a blanket and her other children are reportedly being beaten daily.

Of course, the Pearls maintain that their book does not encourage abuse but naysayers are in uproar over the novel and related deaths. The question is: can we blame the book?

When do you think spanking crosses the line to abuse? Do/will you spank your children? Were you spanked?

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  • The Duggar family was JUST on the Today Show and announced that shes pregnant with #18!!

    I’m just floored, anyone else think this is crazy?

    Yes its their choice etc… I understand this, but my gosh 18?
    vans..they have a BUS!!!!
    They really are not financially independent..they are depending on reality tv shows such as the one on discovery to keep them going…
    Completely agree with the adoption aspect!

    Why not adopt unwanted babies..could this be why abortion rates are soooo high..cause everyone wants biological children and not adopted ones?

    • Islandie

      Actually they’re pregnant with number 20. To each their own but they are being extremely irresponsible with the mother and baby’s health.

  • fuchsia

    I believe in corporal punishment. I went to a private school that administered corporal punishment and it was practiced in my home growing up. However, I have only been spanked a handful of times in my entire childhood. There were plenty of opportunities to drive a lesson home and my parents used many other methods as well. There was always a discussion and a dialog regarding the spanking before and after it took place. I never had a problem with it and I plan on incorporating corporal punishment when I raise my son.

  • collegeGIRL

    I was spanked as a kid and vowed to never spank my kids. I think that spanking a child is an appropriate punishment in specific situations however I feel like too many people abuse it. I’ve seen way too many people spank their kids because they made them mad or just ridiculously minor stuff. So I’m not completely against spanking but I feel like there are better and more effective ways of disciplining a child.

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