Chrissy Lampkin Jim Jones FianceWatching Chrissy Lampkin on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop still lamenting over the fact that her lover, rapper Jim Jones, still hasn’t embraced the idea of making an honest woman out of her by putting a “ring on it” makes one wonder about the relevance of marriage in these present times.

Living in an age where the divorce rate is steadily rising, it’s hard to be totally sold on the idea that walking down the aisle and making your union official is necessary in order to enjoy the comforts and security of a long term relationship. Some argue that when children are involved in the equation, sealing the deal prevents them from being tagged as illegitimate. But then, you have children of divorce who are suffering the repercussions of having their “perfect” family torn apart forcing them to accept the disjointed version they didn’t sign up for. Is that a better scenario than if their parents were perfectly content enjoying the benefits of a family unit and a sound partnership without the pressure of marital duties?

Of course it feels good to be betrothed to the man/woman of your dreams, if for nothing else, the very idea that you were picked as that perfect compliment to another person is quite flattering and massages the ego quite a bit. But the actual work involved in keeping such a union healthy and stable can be challenging, not to mention the thought of being absolutely faithful to one person for the rest of your days can pose a bit of a problem as the years go by and you find yourself in sticky situations.

I think the people who are brave enough to identify themselves early as non-marriage material should be respected and not judged or ridiculed. Its time to finally accept the fact that the institution of marriage is fast becoming an outdated concept that more and more of us are unsuccessfully implementing. If you are happily together with your love and the confidence and trust level is at an all time high, do you really have to dive into the marital pool and turn into a jealous, insecure, and confused better half overnight?

If you feel go for it, and if you don’t stay happy!

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