“Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.” – Stephen R. Covey

Despite the myth of haters trying to hold us down, our true success or failure lies within. Although someone will always try to knock you down, it’s how you internalize their criticism that will make or break you. Remember, Clutchettes: No one has the power to stand in your way unless you allow it. Get free.

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  • The Comment

    Internalization is everything. I don’t have many black female friends because I have internalized that black women will not like me because; I do not abide by the acting black rules and now that I’m over 35 but look 25, I’ve entered into the….you do not act your age rules.

    So I try not to generalize every stank face I encounter as a HATER. I always say….maybe they had a very bad day and please do not take this negative encounter personal.

    That said; I love the photo. What is the history behind it.

  • The Comment

    I meant to add that my goal is to free myself of that internalization (regardless if it is true or not) and have meaningful relationships just like the pictured photo.