Thought you were the only one who could have sexy, fluttering lashes on your date, think again. Cosmetics brand, Eylure, has recently introduced ‘guylashes’, the first fake eyelash collection for men. Yes ladies, you read that correctly, false eyelashes for men.

According to The Huffington Post,

“Men who are brave enough to sport the Bambi look can choose from two types of ‘Natural Lashes For Men’, (thick or fine), both promising to recreate the ‘Hollywood gaze’. The male lashes were created after an “innovative response to the growth in the male cosmetic market”, and are more discreet than female eyelashes. Subtle yet effective, the lashes aim to give men a “natural, fuller look” without them looking obviously fake.”

In the UK, The Blink & Go bar at Harrods can’t keep guylashes on the shelves, with men clamoring for both top and bottom lashes.

I’m all for men taking pride in their appearance and I definitely swoon hard for a well dressed man, but I want to be the only one with a ‘Hollywood gaze’ in my relationship, maybe it’s just me.

Would you date a man who wore false lashes? Is this taking male grooming too far?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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  • Manny

    No, I would NEVER

  • Vee

    Weird….all the men I know have, like, THE thickest eyelashes (I tend to notice)…never would have thought there would even a demand for this. Anyway, to answer the question, I don’t see myself dating any man who cared so much about his appearance that he would want enhance himself like that (or with implants, botox, colored contacts, etc…). Not because of a fear of homosexuality (uh, who cares?) but because I to see some simple clean-up-nice-but-not-tryna-be-in-Vogue-ness in a man!