This daring look has popped up on Celebs all over the red carpet, but are you bold enough to wear Blue Lips?

TO USE: Always shape, size and apply the Glitteratti Lips Appliqués with the mouth open in a relaxed “Ohh” shape. Use plenty of water when applying them and wet the lips after they are on to seal and smooth.

Glitteratti colors include: Red, Pink, Gold, Silver, Blue & Crimson* (exclusive to ViolentLips.com)

WHAT IT COSTS: $15.00 for a set of three – but ONLY Friday and Monday, our entire site will be 50% off. Plus, free shipping.

WHERE TO FIND IT: www.ViolentLips.com

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  • MissyD

    http://www.limecrime.com is another source for Blue Lipstick and Blue Lipgloss. Everything has to be done in moderation. Plus you always have to have the style and confidence to pull off any look