A natural beauty in her own right, 22 year old Zoe Kravitz spoke with Teen Vogue about her minimalist beauty routine. The X-Men star who’s most recently been romantically linked with actor Penn Badgley admits that she prefers not to pile on a bunch of make-up, “I don’t really have a beauty routine. I always use coconut oil and I always wear mascara. That’s kind of it! I’m pretty simple.”

A tad out of step with many of her trend-following Hollywood counterparts, Kravitz touched on her eclectic fashion sense: “I feel like it changes every day. But I feel like it’s just inspired style. Whatever I’m listening to, or reading, or watching – you know, that’s what inspires what I wear.” It’s Zoe’s free-spirited nature that inspires Alexander Wang’s designs. In a recent interview, he said he loved making clothes for his friend, L’il Mz Kravitz, because she’s just cool enough to pull them off. He explained, “the black sheep, the one who goes against the grain and can roll out of bed and feel confident and effortless.”

Free spirited to the bone – the rising star credits her hip and high profile parents, Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet, for keeping her grounded.

“Having well-known parents is kind of a double-edged sword. It’s given me wonderful opportunities, but people also like to knock you down because of it too and say that you have got things because of that. Zoe continues, “They told me not to take [fame] seriously. People get very serious about the Hollywood fame thing and the reason I think I came out levelheaded was that they didn’t raise me to think it was anything serious. I had no illusions. People get way too deep about it and in the end it’s just a job and we’re all equal.”

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