Guess who’s not coming to dinner! Action film star Zoe Saldana split with her fiancé, Keith Britton.

According to her rep, the pair “have amicably separated after 11 years.”

Saldana, 33, and Britton, 35, announced their engagement a little over a year and half ago in June of 2010.

Questions have arose surrounding their multiple business ventures, one of which includes the very popular website My Fashion Data Base, but, according to the same statement released by Saldana’s rep, they will remain business partners:

“Saldana and Britton remain committed business partners as co-founders of fashion resource MyFDB.com.”

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  • Alexandra

    Shocking breakup. I wonder how they’ll get over it? Over a decade together; that is very long. It took me 2 years to get over a 5 year relationship. I wish them both luck in the future.

  • lashon

    for one..zoe is part latino……hello and maybe it wasnt meant for them to marry and honestly being committed is not the same as marriage regardless of how long your together..why..because as you see they broke up…um married people have to go through the courts….marriage is a totally diffrent ball game that the courts have to dissolve…so no courts..they split..go head zoe…you still on top and columbiana proved that..that movie is the truth