Actress Michael Michele of New York Undercover and New Jack City fame has taken a detour from acting to start her own fashion line. M.Michele Designs debuted at Midwest Fashion Week and revolves around the idea that “beautiful fashion shouldn’t be ‘exclusive.'” She recently talked about the upcoming line during an interview with Gayle King, explaining that fashion is truly her first love and that in spite of her fashion plate figure her goal is to design for women of all shapes and sizes.

From Shadow & Act:

“Originally when I started it was kind of up to a 16 and I designed something really beautiful for my mom who is a 16 and people really gravitated to that, so I’m going to do it from you know from 2’s, 4’s, all the way up to 3x and the challenge has been, how can I really create something beautiful for all women? That’s really what really inspires me. I mean there’s not a lot to do if you’re just trying to dress people like myself there’s really no challenge in that. Do you know what I’m saying? I don’t mean that in an ostentatious way, but creatively for me to be able to speak to all women is what really inspires me, so I’m very excited about that now.”

Although the items aren’t yet for sale or priced, the collection definitely has a range of options that defy body type and age group. You can view M.Michele Designs here.

What do you think of Michael Michele’s line? Would you wear it?

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