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There’s no doubt about it, even after decades in the entertainment business Janet Jackson is still one of the hottest in the game…with an amazing body to match! Recently Janet, who is also the new spokesperson for NutriSystem, stopped by Good Morning America to chat and revealed most of her insecurities with her body stemmed from things she went through as a young child. Janet said her brother Michael would poke fun at her “big butt” and during her first season acting on Good Times, which she began when she was only 10 years old, wardrobe stylists felt her body was developing too soon and flattened her chest by binding it, the next season, they told her to lose weight. Here she is, a 10-year-old girl being told that there is something wrong with her body and now as an adult, she is still having to fight to realize that there isn’t.

Many of us did not grow up in the spotlight with the pressures that come from celebrity as Janet Jackson did, but the pressure to look good and fit society’s ideal standard of beauty still torments many of us everyday.

If it’s not the media telling us we should weigh this much, look this way and feel shame for not owning the latest ‘it’ item, then it’s our friends and family critiquing everything we put in our mouths or pinching our sides when they notice the pesky 5lbs we gained over the holidays. With the pressures of beauty coming from all sides it’s no wonder that many young girls grow up to be women who hate themselves.

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