2011 was the year of the sequel. From the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise, to the latest Twilight flick, moviegoers lined up in droves to be dazzled by big screen blockbusters. Films in 3-D seemed to explode as nearly every film offered an eye-popping (and overpriced) 3-D version. This year also saw a few revivals with Disney releasing The Lion King in 3-D, and our favorite Muppets making a comeback just before Christmas.

Although I didn’t shell out much of my hard-earned cash on many films this year, I did see a few that I thought were great. Bridesmaids, Midnight In Paris, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes were some of my favorites. While indie flicks like The Black Power Mixtape (amazing!), Ava DuVernay’s I Will Follow, dream hampton’s documentary Black August (dope!), and Dee Rees’ Pariah (which I’m seeing tonight!) also found their way to screens this year.

With up-and-coming Black filmmakers diligently writing and directing more films, 2012 seems like it’ll be a great year for independent films.

But what films did you love or loathe in 2011? 

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