Ever been caught in a questionable or compromising picture? Well, according to a South American beer company, Cerveza Norte, you’ll never have to worry about those pictures popping up on Facebook or Twitter again.

Cerveza Norte created a photoblocking beer cooler that’s equipped with a built-in flash that goes off when it detects someone trying to take a picture of you.

According to tech blog Gizmodo, “When the Photoblocker’s flash fires, it completely overexposes the other person’s photos, ensuring whatever indiscretions they were trying to capture remain anonymous.”

Currently, the photoblocking bucket is only available in Argentina, but if it works as described, I’m sure it’ll be making it’s debut here in the states very shortly.

Would you try the photoblocking beer cooler? 

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  • LKJ

    I would absolutely try this. I don’t even drink but I would use it when I go out with friends who are too busy taking pictures to post on facebook to

  • TheBlackBelle

    ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE THIS!! Carry my cooler wherever I go!

  • JaeBee

    Wonder how much something like that costs…
    And do you have to be standing directly next to it, or can you stand any where in the premises and still avoid the shutterbug?

  • Duke

    But what if it screws up someone else’s photo? Plus, with all the other flashing lights in the club, this thing will be strobing off and on all the time. People will start having seizures like the kids that watched that one episode of Pokemon ( yes, I AM a nerd like that).