There is a recent article in The Daily Beast that focuses on the subject of Black actresses and their frustration with the industry as a whole. It’s the same tune that has been playing for decades and perhaps that is the crux of the problem. The entertainment business is constantly evolving and maybe its time for black actresses to stop waiting for the ideal roles to come along and actually consider taking creative control over their careers. Tons of actresses have production companies that serve as a vehicle to upgrading their career status from barely there to HERE I AM!

Hollywood doesn’t exist to cater to the needs of whiny performers; the thriving mecca is a deep well that constantly needs to be replenished with new young talent. Waiting for that “big break” is so yesterday! Now it’s all about owning your destiny and being your own manager and agent.

Black actresses have to take a cue from their white counterparts and create the roles they want see themselves in as opposed to waiting in vain for those roles to magically appear. Actress Kim Wayans who made a name for herself in the variety show In Living Color, delivered a richly textured performance in the critical darling Pariah, and she expressed her disenchantment with the way Hollywood has neglected African-American actresses to The Daily Beast. She had hoped to be further along in her career by now but being faced with mainly stereotypical characters without much depth or variety hampered her natural progression. But its also hard to believe that coming from such a talented and well connected showbiz family, Wayans couldn’t find a way to get a script written and transformed into a movie that could potentially propel her to stardom.

Being an Black actress in Hollywood doesn’t have to equal hopelessness. Utilize the resources around you and make it happen! Nobody can tell your story better than you so what are you waiting for? Do it!

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  • Ozzie

    While I feel the angst of black actresses and actors, there’s one thing I don’t get: Why don’t they just pool their money together and start making their own films? Why are they waiting or Hollywood to give them roles that we all know they are probably not going to get?

    The funny thing is, if they actually work on building their own thing independently, not only would they have roles, but they wold get to determine how those roles will be characterized. Then too, black people spend tons of money in America, and we love good movies just as much as other groups of people.

    We are generally the first to go and watch every film that a black actor/actress has a role in, and the first to watch black films in general. So we would relish the chance to see more black films that represent more realistic portrayals of black life.

    Why are the people whose buying power is beyond billions of dollars, begging people to give us anything? We need to get it together ya’ll! Just my three cowries on the subject.

  • asha

    Thats insane. Then we should just go back to black restrooms and white restrooms. No one should have to start a “black Hollywood” because of distasteful, racist, ignorant ppl. No one should have to separate themselves after all the things the people before them accomplished. How about Hollywood executives stop being assholes and stop thinking that black women are the plague.

  • Ashara

    Well, as ‘insane’ as it may sound, it is exactly what we need. Racism is still very much alive, and begging white folks for ANYTHING is NOT what our ancestors wanted. The industry is run/controlled by whites… THAT IS THE REALITY. If BLACK PEOPLE want to get ahead, then we HAVE TO establish OUR OWN… run/controlled by US…. THAT IS THE REALITY. it is the SAME with the music industry, If we want music that is better… more positive, then WE have to control it, because white people specifically chose to no longer produce the positive music… seeing the positive impact it was having. They decided the BS degrading music would get put out and played on the airwaves. Only a fool would let, and continue to let, her/his oppressor control everything while she/he begs for a position. What I’m talking about is NOT, in any way, the same as going back to black and white restrooms. No one says such silly things when Asians and Arabs come here and ESTABLISH THEIR OWN… even Mexicans have their own tv station… we just keep begging for a seat at massa’s table. SMH!