After the Denver Broncos lost on Christmas Eve, Comedian Bill Maher took shots at their star quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Tebow, who is a devout Christian and has often given God credit for his massive success, had a horrible game. The star QB turned in a dismal performance and threw four interceptions as his team took a 40-14 beating. After the game Bill Maher sarcastically tweeted that the Lord was clearly not on Tebow’s side.

“Wow, Jesus just f*cked #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them,” he tweeted.

This sort of outburst is nothing new for Maher who is an atheist. He’s often mocked all religions openly on his HBO show, ‘Real Time,’ and in the 2008 documentary “Religulous,” so seeing Maher take shots at Tebow’s religious convictions is par for the course. But many of Tebow’s fans were upset at what they considered blasphemous language from Maher.

Fox News’ Eric Bolling and crew took Maher to take for his tweet calling him “disgusting vile trash” and saying Maher was jealous of Tebow because “Tebow looks like Tebow, and Maher looks like a talking thumb with the face of an aardvark.”

Since Maher’s tweet many Christians have been calling for a boycott, or even cancelation, of his show. But so far, HBO has no plans to pull Maher–who’s known to push the limits–from the air.

What do you think? Was Maher’s tweet offensive or should folks just get over it? 

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  • Tami

    I love Bill…watch his show religiously & I attend church…He talks about everybody & everybody has a right to their opinion, even people who do not believe in God.

  • TS

    While I don’t think the reactions of the Tim Tebow fans (people have been talking negativly about God since people been people) I’ve always found Bill Maher’s language to in regards to religion to be childish. He honestly takes it personal when people have a different view of the world than himself. He’s not the intelligent atheist people try to make him out to be, I’ll take Hawkings over him.

  • JesusWorshipah

    I am not suprised at one of these comments made by Mahr, which only says a lot about his poor character and integrity. May God reach this man through Christ’s love and breakthrough his hardened heart.

  • JWS

    Canceled my HBO today. I don’t want a single penny of mine going towards that scum bag. Anyone that is an atheist is anti-American as far as I’m conserned; “IN GOD WE TRUST”

    • Ginger


      I didn’t think crazy people like you existed anymore. Most of our founding father’s weren’t even Christian (look it up). And this is NOT a Christian nation, rather a nation where pple are free to practice any religion that they choose.

  • Rastaman

    Poor Christians and their new football messiah Tim Tebow being persecuted by Bill Maher how will this 2000 year old desert cult ever survive this type of criticism?