Former Disney Channel star Demi Lovato was issued an apology from her old network after she complained about an anorexia joke  on the teen sitcom Shake It Up. During one episode of the show, an actress playing a stuck up supermodel tells the two lead actresses (played by teen actresses Zendaya Coleman, 15, and Bella Thorne, 14) that “I could just eat you up. Well, if I ate.” Watch:

Lovato, a very open survivor of anorexia and bulimia who left her Disney show Sonny With A Chance to enter rehab last fall, tweeted her disappointment at the show making light of a serious issue.

Lovato went on to write “is it just me or are the actress’ getting THINNER AND THINNER…. I miss the days of RAVEN, and LIZZIE MCGUIRE.” She later clarified those remarks by explaining that she has nothing against any specific actress, show, or body type, but wants to see more variety on television so that young girls don’t feel pressured to look a certain way. Disney has responded by pulling the offending episode with the claim that it is never their intention to “make light of eating disorders.”

What do you think of Disney’s faux pas and Demi Lovato’s reaction?

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  • O’Phylia

    ANY joke about an eating disorder goes too far. Next easy question, please.

  • Jade

    This new disney channel is DISGUSTING. Remember how That’s so Raven had an episode about body image and how there isn’t one set image? and now they like to joke about stuff like this?!?! an episode of ‘So Random’ also had an anorexia joke, and that show is a spoof the VERY SHOW THAT DEMI LEFT! i’m sorry, but I find it very hard to believe that this is the same company that made movies like Mulan and Brave, and all of those wonderful movies that I love.