Donna Karan, whose name is synonymous with fashion royalty, needs no introduction. Recently titles that are from royalty have been attached to her name, most notably with her spring 2012 ads that were inspired by her ongoing work in Haiti, which is also where the campaign was shot.

The ads were photographed by Russell James, one image in particular illustrates Brazilian model Adriana Lima, whose has been dubbed by Donna Karan herself as ” showing the heart and soul of Haiti.” sitting in the front as the focus while two Haitian men sit behind her in the shadows of her limelight. While the quality of the picture and campaigned cannot be questioned, the message that this picture portrays has raised many questions and concerns.

Some spectators have taken offense to the campaign and to the preceding picture in particular, since it depicts Haitian men hidden in the backgrounds while Lima alluringly reclines in her expensive clothes. Some have directly pointed out the obvious contrast between the white supermodel, who is draped in expensive high-fashion clothing and the extreme poverty that Haitians are facing. And other are praising Donna Karan for being in Haiti and trying to help the Haitian people. I guess it all in one’s perspective of the situation. What are your thoughts?

-Nikia Pope


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