*Splashes self with Holy Water*

A friend was on Lipstick Alley last night when she stumbled across a hilarious video by Gospel rapper Jesus Daughter. Apparently, JD was fed up with the state of music and decided to call out a few popular artists such a Mary Mary and Jay-Z.

During the song, Jesus Daughter takes shots at gospel duo Mary Mary and says they need to save souls instead of “standing in front of the camera and look cute all day long.”  Who knew the Lawd doesn’t want you to look good (which…explains the video?). Jesus’ Daughter also takes aim at Jay-Z and T.I., two self-proclaimed hip hop kings (perhaps she has another joint calling out Yeezy, Lil Wayne, and the rest?)

While I applaud her efforts to use her music to spread the Gospel, beefing with other artists, cursing, and doing a half-hearted Dougie in a low budget video just isn’t the way. Or…maybe it’s just me?

*makes the sign of the cross*

What do you think? 


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