After having her vacant home vandalized by thieves, an African American homeowner from Flint, Michigan says she had enough. She took matters into her own hands and left a message for her neighborhood:

“This house is a reflection of ignorant niggas.”

After having the windows ripped out and apparently sold for scrap, the unnamed woman–who says she was fixing up the home to help homeless people–decided to fight back with words and hold her community accountable for its actions.

She explained her motives told the local news, “They’re hustling out here. It’s a domino effect and yet we sit back and do nothing in the community.”

After some mentioned being offended by her use of the n-word, the single mom and college student painted over it. But she told reporters she made her point.

“Evidently I got my message across because you guys are here. Well done. I did what I was supposed to do.”

“I know who I am. I know where I’m going so the word does not define me. Not at all.”

The woman’s neighbor feels her pain because she was also a victim of theft.

“I can understand just how frustrated the lady is. Somebody stole my pipes out of this house before I got here,” said neighbor Ladale Woods.

The local NAACP branch condemned the use of the n-word, citing ignorance comes in all colors, but I can’t say that I’m mad at the woman. When we start to hold our communities accountable for actions that hurt us all only then will we see actual change.

What do you think of her sign? Was it offensive or on point? 

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  • libby

    Like befree said criminals steal period. I don’t know what the hell this has to do with calling black people niggers/niggas. Why are some you you equating theft with race. It’s is pitiful some of you would cosign this nonsense.

    Are black people the only people who steal? Hell no. She could have used any other term that was was not a racial slur.
    low life
    Why use that the N-word?

    I bet you she would have never used the term “wet back or spic”.. The fact is most crime is intraracial due to the fact that much of the US remains segregated. People will steal from their neighbor first before going to the other side of town no matter the race. I understand her anger, but I ain’t cosigning connecting race and criminality EVER.

  • I feel her pain and I like her know the difference between black people and niggas. This isnt some non black who has no idea what it is like to be black in this world but they have no problem imitating stereotypes, this is a woman who is tired of being under minded and put at risk by people who look like her. Fuck them niggas.

  • Tracie

    Theres a bag of colorful words she could have used… I think she was pissed off beyond measures and was caught up in the moment, and she didn’t have another piece of ply wood and the message was already written! lol