Don Cheadle’s Jet Mag interview is as about revealing, as it is humorous. The star of new Showtime original show “House of Lies” talks about his 20 year partnership with actress Bridgid Coulter, his aversion to Hollywood, thoughts on Barack Obama, and more in this newest issue available at newsstands near you.

Cheadle addresses why he and long-time partner Bridgid Coulter remain unwed:
“We were married in a pagan ritual,” jokes Cheadle. “No it just wasn’t planned. Our first daughter wasn’t planned and it just happened. So we were like, we’re together. Are we supposed to get married now? After 20 years, I guess we could. It’s just never been a priority.”

On his refusal to go “Hollywood”:
“It’s not me,” says Cheadle. “If I suddenly became ‘that guy,’ it would seem ridiculous. I’ll kill a hooker or something, or get into a bar fight with Jamie Foxx. I dunno!”

Thoughts on Barack Obama:
“I think he inherited an impossible situation. I wish he had not been so much of a consensus-seeker. I just wanted to see a more ‘gangsta’ president.”

Cheadle commenting on his resemblance to Conrad Murray:
“(Conrad Murray) is actually my passion project. You hit it! I want to play Conrad Murray, but I want to do him in drag and somewhat mentally disabled because that’s what will get me my Oscar. Oh wait, for Black people you have to be like a prostitute or a gangster. I’ll do him as a prostitute and I’ll definitely get that Oscar!”

Apparently, Showtime is in the giving spirit this holiday season, offering the following sneak preview of Cheadle’s “House of Lies”, which makes its official debut on January 8th. Watch the entire premiere below:

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