No matter how we try to escape it fashion is simply a part of our lives. We admire it, desire it and spend a decent part of our lives trying to recreate the hottest designs on our not so hot budgets. Unlike some of our favorite celebs whose luxe gear we plot to own, many of us can’t afford a closet full of red bottoms, Chanel bags, flowing Badgley Mischka gowns and sparkly Dolce and Gabbana blazers. But what if you could afford those things? And I’m not talking simply a piece here or a piece there, many of us are living that right now, I’m talking as much designer clothing as your little fashionista heart desires. If you had it to spend, would the sky be the limit on the amount of money you would dish out to own the latest ‘it’ thing?

Recently Women’s Wear Daily reported that an Hermes Birkin had been sold for $203,150. The average Hermes Birkin bag retails for about $7,000, but this was no ordinary Birkin. This was an “Exceptional Collection Shiny Rouge H Porosus Crocodile 30 cm Birkin Bag with Solid 18K White Gold & Diamond Hardware,” and yes that’s the official name of the bag. The Birkin, which is made of red croc skin with white gold clasps covered in diamonds, sold at public auction in Dallas for a much higher price than anticipated, which I’m sure made the folks at Heritage Auctions very happy.

Now I’m a bag whore just like many women I know and if I see a bag I love, designer or not, I’m willing to pay for it. But when is it too much? Even if I had $203,150 to blow I could think of a million other useless, yet exciting and memorable things to blow it on. I love a good handbag and would be lying if I said a Birkin isn’t on my dream ‘must-have’ list, but over $200K for a bag, I think I’ll pass. The Huffington Post even did a run down on all of the other things one could purchase with that money and honestly, I’d rather have half their list, than this “Exceptional” bag. But that’s just one broke woman’s opinion.

If you had it, how much would you pay for fashion? Do you think the Birkin was worth over $200k?

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