Drake has a very well-expressed, very puzzling preoccupation with the late Aaliyah Houghton that has just stepped itself up a notch.

Necole Bitchie writes:

This past summer, Drake was spotted at concerts wearing an earpiece with a portrait of the late singer as well as an explanatory tweet that read, ‘RIP Baby Girl.. in my ear at every show letting me know the next move I should make. Love you’. He also penned a letter to Aaliyah on the anniversary of her death last year.

One thing you should know is that Drake never personally knew the late singer, so before you start considering all of this part of a mourning process remember to put things in the proper perspective. Let’s carry on.

This weekend, a photo of Drake walking around shirtless surfaced (well, he was playing tennis in between shirtlessness sessions, I suppose) and what looks like a large tattoo of Aaliyah’s face can be seen on his back.

Tattoos are great and I completely support them for most non-ridiculous Drake-related reasons. Aaliyah was great, too. But doesn’t Drake’s Aaliyah obsession seem a little bit odd? Where does it come from? Is he just her biggest fan or does she symbolize something else? Can someone who understands please enlighten us all?

See more photos at Necole Bitchie.

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