Last week the proverbial ish hit the fan when a Dutch magazine called Rihanna a “Niggabitch.”  After a half-hearted apology that sounded more like a middle finger to Black folks all over the globe, the magazine’s editor stepped down.

Many gave RiRi props for her fiery response that took the mag’s editor to task for the article. She wrote:

@evajackie I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000′s of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That’s your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past! You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense…”N***A B***H”?!….Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you…F**K YOU!!!

Well now, many are wondering if Rihanna isn’t engaging in a little double talk. After a fan tweeted that it must suck for white people to not be able to use the n-word, Rihanna agreed.

Although some are calling RiRi a hypocrite, her reaction to the “niggabitch” comment and agreeing that “nigga” is apart of her everyday vocabulary is in keeping with many Black people who feel they have ownership over the word, while it should be off limits to others.

While I don’t use the n-word, and abhor its use by others, I understand how Rihanna can be offended by the Dutch mag’s label while using the word herself.

Is it right? No…but I understand.

What do you think? Is Rihanna a hypocrite? 

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  • YeahRight2011

    I don’t use it and I don’t answer to it. There are a lot of things from our culture that didn’t make it past the 1970’s and unfortunately the benign crap blacks cling to seem to have the most staying power and gets copied and repurposed. Let Rihanna’s Bajan people deal with her, Young Money and Basketball Wives is enough to keep us busy for now.

  • Alexandra

    The mag should’ve called her ‘N*gga’ instead…..

    I can’t say she’s a hypocrite because she was called a combination of two disgusting words, that degraded both her race and gender. She didn’t admit that N*ggab*tch was part of her everyday usage, just the N- word alone. Whatever….

    It’s obvious she was more bothered that a publication ran by a White woman called her the word.

  • E.M.S.

    At this point I find Rihanna nothing more than a hypocritical cry baby. How can we as a people expect others to keep from saying such a word if we ourselves use it? I’ve always found that extremely ironic. I find it amusing those who use it say they’re taking the sting out of the word and uplifting one another with it because at the end of the day, we all know what it really means. For me, just seems like a more modern spelling and pronunciation of the same old racial slur.

  • iesha

    IT WAS A RETWEET!! she’s not a hipocrite for laughing “LOL” @ someone’s tweet.

    • Alexandra

      And she added ‘Ditto’ to someone’s else’s tweet about using the word daily.

  • Lisa

    Pretty amazing how Black People took a name that was used in a negative context and now Black People are the only people who can use it in whatever context they like. It is like re-defining the word like they used to when our people sang negro spirituals sometimes in the context of praising God, but sometimes for the purpose of planning an escape from slavery. Black folks are brilliant.