Spandex is taking over waistbands are at a seemingly rapid speed. Have a bump or a bulge you don’t like? Spandex makes your clothing fit better! Or perhaps, if your smaller, Spandex also works in your favor. But is this creating other issues? National Public Radio is exploring whether or not Spandex is making Americans bigger in the documentary, “Living Large.” Researchers say that the influx of spandex and jeggings are attributing to people squeezing into Spandex regardless of their weight.

NPR reports: “Nancy Lee, a size 14, says spandex has changed her life. “I actually specifically look for it when I look for clothes, because for years I didn’t wear jeans until my kids said, ‘Mom, get the spandex jeans.’ And I put them on, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I can wear jeans again!'”

But at the other side of the spectrum: “Brett Godwin, a size 4, says spandex is overused. “I think that spandex is made to accommodate people who are overweight. I’ve seen some terrible sights. They are overweight, and they would put on the tightest spandex things they can find, and they just look absolutely awful.”

What say you, Clutchettes? Is spandex just for comfort? Or is it masking weight issues?

– Channing Hargrove

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  • I’m confused on what exactly they are trying to say.

  • Monzi

    This is the dumbest most fat shaming article ever! “Maybe if we stop making clothes for the fatties they;ll stop being so fat” I am so done with this site. Why would ou even publish this? Besides the ridiculous concept, the article doesn’t even make a definitive statement or much sense at all. Ugh.

  • Kim

    ..I don’t get it. :/