From Frugivore — There is nothing more special in life than when a man supports his wife’s efforts to bring a healthy baby into the world. And that’s just what Jay-Z has done with his wife, Beyoncè.

According to US Weekly, allegedly Beyoncè has been “partially” vegan for most of her pregnancy, which spurred Jay, 42, to join his wife’s alternative diet and lifestyle.

“Jay’s trying to be disciplined, and he needs the energy to support her,” a source adds.

Even though that quote from an anonymous source seems fabricated, as well as a backhanded compliment, we doubt the multi-platinum artist needs a change in diet to have the energy to support his wife through her pregnancy.

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  • Me27

    What the heck is “partially” vegan? either you are vegan or you aren’t lol

  • Nikki

    I guess it’s time for Russell Simmons to swoop with magic beans and convert them to the church of Veganism. Seriously, partially vegan hopefully means that they must have added more fruit and vegetables to their diet and not all that wacky soy fake meat stuff.

  • fuchsia

    Yawn. This story seems fake and unnecessary. Sounds more like a publicity stunt.

    • t.

      yeah i don’t think the story is real at all. beyonce shot down a few pregnancy rumors in her interview with kaite couric.

    • Mel

      You’re right it just seems like a fake story. I wonder if they’re trying to time a suspicious amount of baby fat loss or something. Like suddenly at the end of the month she drops 20-30lbs? I really hope that she didn’t lie to her fans and she is/was really pregnant because this fluctuating belly size has me confused. One day she is a whale of a pregnant lady, then the next day she is super skinny and on a vegan diet?

  • Isis


  • LaToya

    My family (mom and siblings) are vegatarians, and I am partial vegan, all that means is ur a vegetarian that eat fish, and SOMETIMES, chicken (I only eat white meat chicken, maybe once a month, sometimes not at all). That’s it. :)

    • Bunny
    • Me27

      LaToya you are referring to a pesceterian (i think I spelled that correctly)…Vegan is something totally different. It’s a much stricter vegetarian diet (and lifestyle) where you don’t eat meats or any other products derived from animals and you don’t use products derived from animal sources (i think). My understanding is there is no two way street when it comes to being vegan; either you are or you aren’t. Persia White (from Girlfriends) is vegan, i believe…

      Anyway, i just thought “partially vegan” was a funny statement. Maybe the “source” intended to say she was partially vegetarian LOL