Picture-11112For me travel is a lifestyle, not a luxury.  When it comes to growing as a person, broadening my mental scope and simply living life, nothing allows me to do those things more than traveling around the world.  As important as it is to me it definitely goes without saying that I spend a ton of time on a plane, and with each trip I find that there are a few things that I simply can’t live without.  No matter how near or far the destination a girl’s must-haves are non-negotiable.  Check out what’s on my travel list, maybe some of my faves can become yours too.

The O.G. by Lo & Sons

Ever since a friend of mine got me this bag for my birthday earlier this year my travel life has been changed.  I don’t even remember my life on a flight before the O.G. came along; actually I do…it sucked!  This bag is super lightweight and has pockets and compartments for everything from your computer and iPad, to your phone, passport, keys and snacks.  As if all of that weren’t enough, it has a side pocket for your favorite pair of heels…score!  Now if I could only get my hands on a red one!

Canon Powershot SD880 IS

When I travel I’m usually walking around for hours at a time so as much as I love my Nikon DSLR camera, it’s my Canon Powershot SD880 that takes all of the wonderful memories I capture for family and friends.  It may not be as fancy as a DSLR, but it’s not as heavy either!  It’s compact size and lightweight frame make it perfect for travel and the 10 megapixels and 3” LCD ensure that you’ll take amazingly crisp shots every time.

Evian Mineral Water Spray

The best part of getting on a plane is knowing that you’re heading somewhere spectacular.  The worst part…actually getting there.  Being stuck on a packed plane for 8+ hours and having to contend with the changes in the air can be havoc on the skin.  One spritz of Evian will have your skin feeling refreshed and glowing in no time.

Nook Color

I love to read and before I broke down and bought one of these new fangled e-readers I would have to shove two or three books into my already heavy carry-on bag.  Now, I can download as many books as I want wherever I am in the world and not worry about having to pay extra fees on my luggage.  Plus I can download a few games to keep me occupied in case the in flight movie sucks.

Hershey’s Nuggets Milk Chocolate With Toffee

Of all the things on my must have travel list this is the one thing I would probably trade all the others for.  Judge me if you want, but I can’t take a quick trip to Miami without a bag of these somewhere on my person and they become more important during international trips when I need a little reminder of home.

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