The Grammy nominations came down yesterday and amid the hype over the nominees, many deserving artists were left out in the cold.

Because we live in a world connected through social networks, these days artists can immediately share their displeasure with preceived snubs and how the media treats them. Today, Jill Scott took a minute to get all up in her feelings about being dissed by the nominating committee.

I get it, for artists who put their heart and soul into their work, they want to be recognized for their efforts…but do they “deserve” it?

Some read Illy Jilly’s tweets as yet another artist who is full of themselves, while others, like Common, offered her words of encouragement.

At the end of the day, however, despite a dope album, the powers that be failed to recognize her efforts, but that doesn’t diminish it’s impact. She’s a winner to me.

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  • KingJason

    They wronged Jill and yea I am so tired of Adele Beiber.

  • Usagi

    I don’t like Jill Scott. She’s a successful niche artist, but she doesn’t appeal to a larger audience. Also, she’s not attractive and women get judged more based on looks than men. To me, she comes off as arrogant and found her pompous. I hated her article “The Wince” She just need to get over that. I think she was just bitter about being fat.

    • Shirl

      @ Usagi,

      Seriously…not attractive?? You’re entitled to your opinion I guess. Jill Scott is one of the most beautiful and talented individuals I’ve seen in a long time. Go see her in concert. She does not dissapoint. Jill does her thing. Keep your head up Ms. Jill.

    • Timcampi


      I agree. Her stance on interracial relationships annoys me.

  • African Mami

    This is one of the humbra humbra, feel the universe, turn down the lights, light the incense and let’s meditate on life singers, that I absolutely dislike. Jill is VERY arrogant! Did she deserve to be nominated, probably. Was the ranting and raving necessary, hell no. Take the classy route and shut the hell on up.I will NOT listen nor buy her music because of her arrogance! I once watched a performance, in which she told an audience member that this was her show, and they should shut up. The concert goer was just excited to see their favorite artist in town and was just screaming in appreciation. WTF?! I’d be like WOMAN, I PAY YOUR BILLS! So you better come at me with respect.

  • Ana

    So, I guess we can blame the NARAS for dropping 31 categories starting with this year’s ceremony. Great…this could be further proof of how the Grammys are becoming another MTV Video Music Awards, but I’ll leave people like Adele out of this. I’ll also exempt artits in the non-mainstream categories that were nixed, as they have nothing to do with my wrath.

    Anyway, hang in there, Ms. Scott. If you want a Grammy, maybe someday you’ll get one.

  • Me

    Moo Scott=Hater We all need ’em